Southeast Calgary


Development Partnership with Hopewell Residential

This 237-acre site is situated directly east of development partner Hopewell’s award-winning community of Copperfield. Hotchkiss was named in honour of former Flames owner, iconic businessman, philanthropist and beloved Calgarian, Harley Hotchkiss, and the entire Hotchkiss family. Hotchkiss is planned to combine modern architecture with traditional neighbourhood values for a distinctly friendly yet progressive community. A central amenity cluster and wetland will serve as a natural meeting point for residents to connect, with housing expected to include paired, laned, attached garage and multi-family dwellings. At build out, it is anticipated the community will be home to approximately 3,700 residents.

At a Glance

  • 237 acres in size, located in southeast Calgary
  • Named after the Hotchkiss family with deep Calgary roots
  • Features a central amenity and broad mix of housing styles
  • Estimated to be home to approximately 2,300 dwellings
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Leveraging a shared vision and building on a mutual vision for success
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