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Ollerenshaw Heritage Ranch Site
in Mahogany

The Ollerenshaw Heritage Ranch, located on Section23 in Mahogany, represents the most recent active farming operation of the Ollerenshaw family. Since the early 1900’s, the Ollerenshaw family has played an active role in Alberta’s great agricultural community known for its innovation, sustainability, entrepreneurialism and philanthropy. In an effort to honour Alberta’s extensive history and deep agricultural roots, the Ollerenshaw Heritage Ranch is being established to preserve and redevelop this historic ranch site within Mahogany for the greater community to experience and enjoy.

The Ollerenshaw Ranch is uniquely located at the heart of a joint-use site shared by two future elementary schools. The vision for the Ollerenshaw Heritage Ranch site is to serve as a centre for agricultural history, interpretation, education, community gardens and a range of other innovative multi-generational and philanthropic purposes. Section23 also has plans to develop a seniors’ residence on a parcel adjacent to the Ollerenshaw Heritage Ranch Site in Mahogany.

At a Glance

  • Will honour Alberta’s rich agricultural history
  • 7 acres adjacent to Mahogany’s public and separate elementary school sites
  • Adjacent to a 3.7 acre seniors’ residence site
  • To serve as an agricultural interpretation and education centre
  • Will host numerous intergenerational and philanthropic endeavours
Ollerenshaw Ranch Site
Ollerenshaw Ranch Site
A tribute to Alberta’s agricultural roots and history, the Ollerenshaw Heritage Ranch within Mahogany will be a gathering place for generations to learn about and celebrate the culture of agriculture
Ollerenshaw Ranch Site