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An enduring family legacy was established in 1923 when Joe and Florence Ollerenshaw settled on Section 33, a parcel of land south of Calgary, Alberta. Their son, Fred Ollerenshaw, along with his wife, Marjorie, later expanded the family farming and ranching operation with the purchase of nearby Section 23, the current location of the Ollerenshaw Ranch, now located in the community of Mahogany.

Collage: Ollerenshaw Ranch and farming

Over the years, the Ollerenshaw family has earned a well-deserved reputation for innovation, sustainability, entrepreneurialism, philanthropy and commitment to Alberta’s agricultural community. This legacy is a point of pride for the family today, and is a source of inspiration for the development of the family’s lands and ultimately in the founding of Section23 Developments.

As the founder of Section 23, Fred’s son Robert builds on his family’s rich heritage with his active involvement in several award-winning developments, including Hopewell Residential’s Copperfield and Mahogany communities in southeast Calgary.

A portion of Mahogany is built on the lands historically ranched and farmed by the Ollerenshaw family. In fact, the approved Mahogany Community Plan preserves and incorporates the original Ollerenshaw Ranch site. In recognition of its heritage status and social significance, Section23 plans to redevelop the site to serve as a centre for agricultural interpretation and education. Under Robert’s leadership, Section23 will bring more Ollerenshaw family land to life within the future development of Rangeview, Section 24, Garden Village and more.

In addition to land development and community planning, Robert is a highly regarded architectural designer, having designed numerous private residences in Alberta and British Columbia. His passion for architecture continues today with Section23’s residential design and construction brand, Nest, and The Edward, an innovative Seniors’ Residence, among other planned projects.

Learn more about key milestones in the Ollerenshaw family history, as outlined in the timeline below:

The Ollerenshaw Ranch legacy began with the immigration of Joe Ollerenshaw to Canada from England.
Joe and his wife, Florence, settle onto Section 33 and began the original, self-sufficient farmstead, producing and processing their own meat, dairy, produce and grains. Joe became well known as a skilled farmer and rancher, using cutting-edge materials and methods.
Joe begins raising and showing prize-winning Percheron horses. His distinguished mare "Kankarness” would earn Joe a place in the history books by winning Grand Champion 49 times – a world record.
Joe's son, Fred, purchases three quarter sections near the original farmstead.
Fred and his wife, Marjorie, expand their ranch and farming operations by purchasing Section 24. Later, their land holdings further expanded with the purchase of the adjacent Section23 lands, the current location of the Ollerenshaw Ranch. Fred was known for experimentation with new farming techniques, and for the design and construction of a large grain handling facility that could dry and move grain from truck to bin without ever utilizing a shovel – a significant contribution to agricultural industry. This facility became internationally recognized for its innovation and incorporation of modern technology.
Fred acquires additional adjacent farmland and builds his cattle herd up to 600 head. His farming operation expands to approximately 5,000 acres in southeast Calgary, 2,000 of which under his ownership.
Fred and son Robert plant approximately 750 Colorado Blue Spruce trees as a shelterbelt on their property. The family purchases the Springwell lands, a 320-acre section located east of the original farmstead featuring an artesian well.
Robert Ollerenshaw establishes Section23 Design, a boutique residential design firm specializing in private-client home construction and custom renovations across western Canada.
Section23 and Hopewell Residential form a partnership for the development of the new community of Copperfield in Calgary’s southeast. Situated on land owned and farmed by Robert’s family for several decades, the award-winning community is a vibrant mix of multi- and single-family residential, open spaces and retail.
With Copperfield well underway, Section23 once again collaborates with Hopewell on an adjacent portion of Ollerenshaw family land. Today, that land has been transformed into Calgary’s premier lake community, Mahogany. Acclaimed as Canada’s Community of the Year, Mahogany offers buyers unparalleled four-season recreational opportunities.
Section23 expands its team and portfolio with the announcement of an innovative seniors’ residence at cSPACE Arts Hub in central Calgary, and an equity stake in long-time builder Baywest Homes.
The firm acquires an interest in Birchwood Properties’ flagship multi-family development, Ezra on Riley Park.
Section23 releases its first redevelopment project for sale, Nest Executive Townhomes in Hillhurst as well as opens two show homes showcasing its Executive Paired Home bungalows in Mahogany.
Section23 breaks ground on The Edward, Calgary's finest luxury independent living retirement residence.
Section23 acquires 100% ownership of Baywest Homes.
Section23 breaks ground on Rangeview, Calgary’s First Garden-To-Table Community